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Australians are all excited about renovating their alfresco areas. These outdoor extensions are a beautiful fit for the Australian way of life. Commercial bar fridges, pizza and sandwich prep fridges and commercial display fridges are all great products for alfresco areas. Depending on what state you are in, there will be humidity in the air which can cause condensation.

Humidity, being water vapor in the air, is a cause of condensation. When the air is warm it can hold more water. When warm air hits a cold, glass fridge door, the air cools down and can no longer hold the water vapor. It then changes into its liquid state. This is called the ‘dew point’ and thus causes condensation on cold glass fridge doors.

What do I do when there is condensation on my fridge?
You can wipe it away with a cloth or paper towel.
Is there a way to not have condensation?
Yes, you can spend approx. $3,000 on heated glass doors.
Why don’t supermarkets get condensation on their fridges?
You may have noticed it is always icy cold in Supermarkets. They keep the
temperature down in stores to avoid condensation. They also use large de-humidifiers to help with this aswell.
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TIP 1.

By adjusting your room temperature to be slightly cooler, you decrease the dew point. As the air becomes cooler and drier, this decreases the condensation.

TIP 2.

Keep your fridge in a cool environment away from equipment creating heat.


TIP 3.

If your fridge is outside in the heat, think about pointing a fan towards the fridge to keep the air hitting the fridge, cooler and drier.

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